Book Binding and Finishing

For All Your Binding Needs

While we offer start to finish book printing, we are also able to take on pre-printed jobs and complete them for you. We offer several binding options for your project, such as hard or soft perfect binding, saddle-stitch, and even coil binding. Whether you come to us with your own design, or just an idea, our team of graphic designers will make sure you’re satisfied with your book! Rocky Heights can even provide you with an ISBN! We’re here to help you exceed your goals and leave with a beautiful finished product.

Our Services

• Coil Binding

• Twin Loop Wire Binding

• Saddlestitch

• Hard/Soft Perfect Binding

Fast Turnaround Time, Competitive Pricing, Small or Large Volumes

We Also Offer Additional Services:

• Collating

• Padding

• Shrinkwrap

• Cutting

• Laminating

• NCRs

• Punching & Drilling

• Stapling

• Perforating

• Calendars

• Rounded Corners

• Digital Printing

• Business Cards

• Letterheads & Envelopes

• Tab Cutting

• Folding

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